Protect your investment and get your pool in top shape with our services. We know how to ensure that your pool is clean, maintained and ready for FUN!

Weekly Service Maintenance
Brush, net, filter cleans, and chemicals. Doing it all so you don’t have to.
Chemical Only Plans
Affordable and convenient. We provide the chemicals to provide the safe, clean water you desire.
Repairing or Replacing filters, pumps, salt systems and virtually anything pool related.

Chemical-only Service

Perfect for pools that virtually take care of themselves. This is a year-round service where we adjust and maintain your PH, alkalinity and sanitization levels to keep your water chemistry in check. We provide the basic chemicals, so there is no need for you to store hazardous chemicals at home.


By far our most popular service. Customized to meet the needs of your pool, we can schedule anything from weekly visits to daily visits and anything in between. Full service includes tile and wall brushing, skimming, vacuuming as needed, emptying baskets/traps, surface skimming, filter cleaning, water chemistry balancing and regular system inspection.

Filter Cleaning

Offered specifically for the Do-It-Yourself pool owner. Often times cleaning your filters can be the most difficult, dangerous and time-consuming maintenance task. We now have slots available on our filter rotation where we come out at fixed intervals and clean the filters for you.

Pool Clean-ups

We return your pool to its original glory. This service is needed when your swimming pool, spa, or hot tub has been neglected for a while and needs more than a few gallons of chlorine or other chemicals to bring it back.

Our weekly full-service package means all you have to do is enjoy your pool!

We clean your pool and balance the chemicals.

All that’s left to do is swim!

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